Top Five Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Beautiful Smile Cosmetic Dentistry - LocateADoc.cmWithin the realm of dental hygiene and surgery, cosmetic dentistry continues to grow in popularity as more and more people discover the variety of options available to help them overcome unattractive oral features. From a single tooth to an entire smile enhancement, this area of the dental field offers solutions for nearly any type of issue. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) recently released a list of some of the most popular procedures that Americans are choosing now.

Teeth Whitening

A whiter and brighter smile can make you look both more youthful and more attractive instantly. According to a survey conducted by AACD, more than 95% of Americans agree that an attractive smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex. Over 99% of those surveyed also stated that a smile is an important social asset. During a teeth-whitening session with your dentist, a whitening agent is applied and sits for less than an hour. During this time, the whiteness of your teeth may increase by as much as ten shades.

Dental Implants

Most cosmetic dentistry experts consider dental implants to be a permanent solution. During the procedure, they replace the roots of lost teeth and pair them with a crown to replace any missing teeth. The results obtained are so natural that few people could ever tell the difference between a natural tooth and an implant.

Porcelain Veneers

These thin pieces of porcelain mimic natural looking teeth, yet enhance the shape, color, or size for a more aligned and attractive smile. Veneers can be used in cosmetic dentistry for single teeth, and, more frequently, for a whole smile makeover. When most people think of veneers, they think of the picture-perfect smiles that celebrities have, which is a testament to the beautiful results that can be obtained.

Periodontal Gum Surgery

Gums that are over or underexposed may be corrected through periodontal plastic surgery. Gum tissue is removed or added, depending on the individual needs of each patient. This helps ensure a good balance of teeth and gums are on display when you smile, resulting in an even more beautiful smile.


The most popular orthodontic treatment today, especially for adults, may be clear braces, which are nearly undetectable and can lead to incredible results with little discomfort or inconvenience. When using invisible braces, patients meet regularly with their orthodontist over a period of about six to 18 months to track progress and move through a series of inserts as the spacing and proximity of their teeth improves.

Cosmetic dentistry often offers patients dual benefits in the form of both improved look and function. The technology available has improved immensely in the last decade and makes it easier and more affordable than ever for patients to get a beautiful smile, plus the increased self esteem and confidence that goes along with it.

Learn about costs, recovery time, doctor reviews and more within the Cosmetic Dentistry Resource Guide, which includes an extensive before and after picture gallery. To consult with cosmetic dentist, look through profiles to find a specialist in your area.


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  • While the economy is still pulling itself out of a recession, many Americans are holding off on cosmetic work including cosmetic dentistry procedures. Unlike some plastic surgery procedures that have low-cost alternatives, cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and orthodontics¬†come at a hefty price.

  • For the thousands of Americans¬† considering plastic or cosmetic surgery in 2010, procedure such as tummy tucks, breast implants and Botox treatments are surprisingly lower on the list than teeth whitening.