Plastic Surgery Not Necessarily a Quick Fix for Ageism in the Job Market

Photo-of-plastic-surgery-no-quick-job-fix-LocateADocHaving plastic surgery to combat ageism in the job market has been a trend for awhile now, with more doctors performing procedures such as rhinoplasty, mini facelifts and eye lifts to provide a more youthful appearance for people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. As a result of the economic crash in 2008, older Americans are the largest age group to lose their jobs. 

Right or wrong, the perception is that hiring managers tend to look at people in these age groups as unemployable for certain jobs, especially many high paying, technical jobs, even though they may be perfectly qualified. The stereotype of ageism is that older people are set in their ways, require more income and are not as energetic. The quick fix solution for some has been plastic surgery. Most of the procedures are not extensive, thus making the more youthful appearance subtler. Plastic surgery can give some people the leg up on the job market they need in order to compete.

If someone decides to have plastic surgery, this should be only one of many things they consider when making themselves more marketable. They need to think like salespeople when looking for a job. It's necessary to have a deeper understanding of why this position they're applying for is open in the first place. They should drive the focus toward experience and how they can solve the problem and get the job done for the manager.

In short, achieving a younger look is not a fail safe solution to getting hired. Regardless of how you look, you must have the skills necessary for the position. Although plastic surgery may certainly help your chances, make sure to use it only in addition to the skills you already have.

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