The Growing Popularity of Corporate Wellness Programs

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Health and wellness is becoming more of a concern for many working Americans, and their employers are providing incentives to achieve health goals. Many employers utilize corporate wellness programs to keep rising healthcare costs down. These programs also tend to increase productivity amongst employees. 

Large companies such as IBM, Whole Foods, and Google have put corporate wellness programs in place to encourage employees to get fit. Studies have shown that these programs can reduce an employee's health risks, thereby reducing a business's health medical expenses. Corporate leaders are realizing that Americans are becoming much more health conscious, but most of their time is spent in the workplace. Creating an on-site health and wellness program promotes getting healthy without creating the need for employees to find spare to time exercise.

One of the main reasons that many corporations are enacting these programs is to combat the rising cost of healthcare in America. Employers at small and large companies are finding it more difficult to take on the burden of ever-rising healthcare costs. A healthier workforce can lead to more affordable premiums for employers and better coverage for employees.

Corporate wellness programs take shape in a variety of ways. Some companies incentivize the healthy habits of their employees by offering prizes and even cash through health challenges. Other companies create a culture of health and wellness that people interact with at work on a daily basis. For example, Google's offices have fully equipped fitness facilities as well as nutritious and delicious food on-site everyday. Employees enjoy these benefits within a community of supportive.

Of course, not every company has the resources to fund employee gyms and an on-site lunchroom stocked with healthy organic food. Some small businesses are implementing programs by offering longer lunches to encourage employees to take time during the workday to exercise. Other small companies are reducing employee stress and promoting mental health and wellness by refraining from sending emails on nights and weekends.

Businesses of all sizes can see the benefits of corporate wellness programs. These incentives offer a great way to keep healthcare costs low while keeping employees happy.

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