3 Celebrities Who Owe Their Beautiful Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

Stars are always in front of a camera, whether it is for film, television, or just for paparazzi photos. These three celebrities have all had some cosmetic dentistry done to help them look better in front of the watchful eye of fans.

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Nicolas Cage - While we don't really see Cage as anything but rugged, he had his teeth fixed back in 1984 with cosmetic dentistry. One would think that he was determined to be a leading man and wanted a smile to match.

Jim Carrey - Had a chipped tooth that was fixed and capped during some cosmetic dentistry. One may not even realize it, but he removed it during the first Dumb and Dumber movie and you can see it in some of the shots. Today, Jim Carrey keeps the cap in place for that perfect pearly white smile we know and love.

50 Cent - The rapper and singer spent $50,000 on his teeth after he was shot. Taking care of looking better seems to have been on his mind while he was recuperating. Whatever the reason, you can definitely see the improvement in his smile from older pictures to new ones today.

General Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the tool used in obtaining a beautiful smile that will light up the room. Generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry refers to any dentistry that improves the appearance of an individual's teeth, gums, and overall appearance of the mouth. It's important to note that while undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure typically improves the appearance of one's mouth whether it is the teeth, gums or bite, the functionality of the mouth will either not be impacted or decline.

Some Procedures Are Better Known

There are various procedures that fall under the vast category of general cosmetic dentistry. Some well-known procedures include whitening and dental bridges. The former, also known as "tooth bleaching" is the most common cosmetic dental procedure. Many options are available but to ensure quality treatment, dentist-supervised procedures are recommended over over-the-counter products to whiten discolored teeth.

Tooth reshaping is another type of procedure designed to improve the appearance of one's teeth. Having it done gives fast results and correct crooked or chipped teeth in a timely manner.

Recovering from Cosmetic Dentistry

On average, cosmetic dentistry procedures have a recovery period of a week or less. However, depending on the individual's reliance on painkillers and obedience in following the dentist's recommended practices, the individual may either hinder or reduce the time needed for adequate recovery. For most people who receive treatment, they observe improved appearance in the mouth. Common symptoms that follow the procedure include pain and swelling, particularly in the gums and location of operation, bleeding, difficulty opening or stretching the mouth, and numbness if anesthetics were injected.

They say beauty is only skin deep. However, with cosmetic dentistry procedures whether it is tooth whitening or the usage of veneers, that adage can be altered to: beauty can be gum deep. For most cosmetic dentistry procedures, reshaping of the tissue, application of various materials such as porcelain, and sculpting of teeth and gum are heavily involved. Know the benefits and understand the risks. Cosmetic dentistry offers fast results for that beautiful smile that everyone longs to possess.

Nicolas Cage Photo By Kristin Standafer [http://goo.gl/LPa8Uv]

Jim Carrey Photo By Georges Biard [http://goo.gl/Oy4uSK]

50 Cent Photo By Materialscientist [http://goo.gl/v7KQaZ]

Further Reading

  • While the economy is still pulling itself out of a recession, many Americans are holding off on cosmetic work including cosmetic dentistry procedures. Unlike some plastic surgery procedures that have low-cost alternatives, cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and orthodontics come at a hefty price.

  • For the thousands of Americans  considering plastic or cosmetic surgery in 2010, procedure such as tummy tucks, breast implants and Botox treatments are surprisingly lower on the list than teeth whitening.

  • Dr. Nick Mohindra, a London dentist, has invented a plastic mouthguard called the Oralift that’s designed to help patients look younger by sculpting the facial tissues and increasing the strength of the jawline and facial muscles. The Oralift mouthguard is placed in a microwave to soften the plastic and then fitted to the lower teeth. The mouthguard helps to prevent the grinding of teeth and also helps to stretch the freeway space between the back teeth so that the facial muscles become stronger.