Top weight loss surgeon offers tips on common motivational problems that arise during the changing seasons

As anyone who’s attempted weight loss knows, getting motivated isn’t the tough part; it’s staying motivated. There are so many factors that can negatively influence someone attempting to lose weight, and some of them may be thoroughly unexpected. As a highly trained and renowned bariatric surgeon, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is very familiar with the obstacles posed to the severely obese. One of them is the changing seasons. As the weather turns, so do people’s attitudes. Because the benefits of weight loss are so significant and life altering, Dr. Feiz and Associates offer key tips to help with weight loss challenges; including how to navigate seasonal difficulties.

Seasonal Mood Swings

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.Issues like seasonal depression spur real, clinically observed side effects, and even Los Angeles area residents aren’t immune. In LA, fall and winter nights turn chilly, and mornings can be gray and dreary. Though the temperature doesn’t approach the subzero winter lows of the East Coast, the chill in the air is still noticeable, and can have a negative impact on mood and motivation. Stay aware of any negative feelings that might stem from the colder temps, or a decreased amount of sun. Most importantly, don’t treat sadness with overeating!

The Layering Lull

It seems like it's always bikini season in LA, but colder temps in the mornings and evenings means dressing in warmer clothes, even here. The issue is that it’s easier to care less about body image when you’re bundled up in heavier clothing. It’s also easier to lose track of weight gain. For some who are overweight, being able to wear more clothing during fall and winter gives them confidence because they don’t have to show as much of their bodies. The professionals at Dr. Feiz and Associates believe you should feel good in what you wear no matter what season it is, and can help their patients achieve it. In the meantime, stay vigilant, and don’t just hide behind your heavier outfits.

Holiday Binge

The Holiday season can be a time of excess. Thanksgiving and Christmas are obvious offenders, but who hasn’t indulged in a stash of Halloween candy? In such a period of parties and feasts, it can be tempting to allow yourself to loosen your standards. Moderation is just as important during the holidays as it is during any other time; perhaps more so because you’ll be encouraged to overindulge. Portion control is the key to success here. You can allow yourself to enjoy all that amazing holiday food as long as you keep your servings under control.

The New Year Shuffle

One of the biggest motivational pitfalls for weight loss during the fall and early winter season is the looming New Year. It’s a normal temptation to want to offload any goals onto next year. This, of course, can lead to more binging and feelings of having one last hurrah of overeating which only perpetuates the negative cycle. Avoid putting weight loss off any further. To get you started, there’s no better place to look then the offices of Dr. Feiz who has successfully performed his weight loss surgery on the Doctors TV show, and for countless individuals throughout Southern California. Now more than ever, weight loss surgery is safe, effective, and it can be the first step you need to change your life. For more information, please call Dr. Feiz and Associates or visit Dr. Feiz's website.

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