Ignore Weight Loss Snake Oil and Get Serious about Defeating Obesity

Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2014 – Writing for two of the leading medical journals, BMJ and JAMA, medical investigators Dr. David Arterburn and Dr. Anita Courcoulas recently took up the question of whether weight loss surgery is needed for severely obese individuals. As explained in an article on the Group Health Research Institute website, they found that a review of the available information offers "growing evidence that bariatric surgery can prolong life and prompt reductions in weight and associated conditions like diabetes and heart attacks." In the face of this reality, Michael Feiz, M.D. and his team at Dr. Feiz and Associates urge severely obese people to put aside questionable weight loss methods and seriously explore truly viable medical options like bariatric weight loss procedures.

This is especially true in light of growing evidence that bariatric procedures can not only reduce the risk of such potentially deadly health issues as diabetes and high blood pressure, but can also often reverse type 2 diabetes. Successful weight loss procedures have even been found to boost brain power and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease among a number of women who had the surgery. While all surgical procedures carry some degree of risk, the proven rewards of weight loss surgery have never been greater, and the risks associated with it have never been smaller.

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.At the same time, we've recently seen news stories that cast strong doubt on whether such alleged weight loss aids as the extract of green coffee beans have any impact in terms of aiding weight loss. This is just one of many products that have benefited from waves of positive but short-lived publicity, only offer false hope. Other popular, but highly questionable "miracle" weight loss aids include products containing raspberry ketone, and a variety of herbal powders and supplement pills.

While vastly more effective than any other known anti-obesity technique, weight loss surgery is not something to be taken lightly; it's important to find the best weight loss surgeon you can to perform any bariatric procedure. Dr. Feiz makes it his business to ensure that patients have realistic expectations when it comes to what to expect following a procedure. He also makes sure they understand what options are open to them in case the initial procedure fails to produce the desired results. The doctor has performed countless highly successful lap band to gastric sleeve revision procedures, most often to deal with problematic operations that were originally performed by other surgeons.

Medical experts agree that one of the most unfortunate aspects of the many over-hyped weight loss schemes and products on the market is that they may distract people from taking advantage of the very few anti-obesity strategies that actually work. Dr. Feiz and Associates advises severely obese readers to take a serious look at the benefits weight loss surgery might offer.

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