Cinderella Surgery: Make Your Foot Fit The Shoe

To men, high heeled designer shoes can seem like a form of medieval torture. While we certainly appreciate the effect of this breed of footwear, no man would even dream of enduring what women go through just to wear a high class pair of sassy pumps. However, fashionable women simply can't seen to get enough of name brand heels. Recently, modern advances in cosmetic foot surgery have given rise to a new trend that allows women access to even more shoes than ever before. Plastic surgeons have created new procedures to actually change the shape and size of a woman's foot so that it will better fit into high heeled shoes.

Photo-of-Cinderella-surgery-LocateADocCleverly nicknamed "Cinderella Surgery", this new brand of cosmetic operations involves several methods of reshaping the toes, heels, and arches of the foot. From toe liposuction, to shaving the bone on a wide foot, a skilled surgeon can reshape, resize, and remake a woman's feet to fit the latest Jimmy Choo line with ease. Toes can even be shortened by removing sections of bone. This not only makes the foot more symmetrically appealing, but allows the toes to more evenly distribute weight in shoes with particularly high heels. As with any cosmetic, elective surgery, there are vocal detractors. Some have even said that Cinderella surgery harkens back to archaic Eastern tradition of foot binding. While certainly an evocative image, there is very little comparison between a process forced on young girls, and an elective procedure paid for by intelligent, consenting adults. In fact, many women who choose these procedures say that they feel less pain than ever before.

Wearing high heels is simply mandatory for fashionable women in the modern age. For women with misshapen feet, surgery removes painful corns and bunions, and allows them to finally enjoying wearing the latest trendy peep toes.

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