Remembering the Cosmetic Crusader Joan Rivers

Photo-of-Joan-Rivers-plastic-surgery-LocateADocJoan Rivers, one of the most influential and admired female comedians in American history, was also an outspoken supporter, and recipient of plastic surgery.

Comedian Joan Rivers 1933-2014

Born Joan Alexandra Molinsky, Joan Rivers was one of America's most influential and revered comedians. She started her career in stand-up, she progressed into network television, where she made her first big break on The Johnny Carson Show in 1965. Three years later, television critic Jack Gould would refer to her as "quite possibly the most intuitively funny woman alive." From there she branched into films, Broadway acting, memoir writing and more, inspiring and empowering a new generation of female comedians in the process. Though often regarded as controversial, her comedic style and voice was highly praised for it's lack of pretense and sharp, sometimes acidic honesty. Joan Rivers was also a prominent supporter of plastic surgery, having numerous operations performed on herself.

The Cosmetic Crusader

In keeping with her tell-all comedic persona, Joan's enthusiasm and proclivity for plastic surgery was a well known fact. She had her first procedure done, a nose job, in college. She next had an eye-lift, followed by a full facelift in 1975, which she described as "a truly major turning point in my life and looks". Rivers underwent multiple operations throughout the rest of her life, including liposuction, breast reduction, chemical peels and more. She made three appearances playing herself on the television series "Nip/Tuck," which focuses on a contentious plastic surgery center. Rivers has even written a book about the topic: "Men Are Stupid ... And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery" is a guide to beauty procedures delivered with her trademark acerbic wit. As a true proponent of plastic surgery, she once said that "...if everyone around the world got a nose job and lost 20 pounds, there'd be no wars."

Joan Rivers was an ideal patient for cosmetic procedures; possessing a positive outlook on personal appearance and a gung-ho attitude, she truly believed in the power of reaching for and becoming your idealized self. Those looking into cosmetic operations themselves would be wise to take a page from her book.

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