Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lifts

If you are looking for a cosmetic procedure designed to target some of the most common signs of aging in the upper facial area, ask your plastic surgeon about a brow lift.

Photo-of-FAQs-browlift-LocateADocQ: What is a brow lift?

A: This plastic surgery procedure, also known as a forehead lift, adjusts the muscle, tissue, and/or skin of the upper face. It is often used to reduce wrinkles in the area and give the patient a more youthful appearance.

Q: Who is a good candidate?

A: You may want to consider this treatment if you are looking to relieve signs of aging and fatigue caused by drooping brows. A good candidate is physically healthy, willing to abstain from smoking, and does not suffer from conditions that may be adversely affected by this surgery, such as excessive dry eye or double vision.

Q: What are the effects of a brow lift?

A: Generally this cosmetic surgery allows for the brows to be raised, though other slight adjustments may be made to their position as well. A lift can greatly diminish forehead wrinkles and vertical creases or “frown lines” between the eyebrows. It can also reduce the appearance of sagging around the upper eye area. The results often give the patient a more youthful, alert appearance. To achieve the desired results, your surgeon may recommend other procedures such as Botox or eyelid rejuvenation to be performed as well.

Q: How is it performed?

A: There are several different methods for performing a forehead lift. The individual details may vary according to different factors, including gender, genetics, and hairline. Some surgeons may recommend an endoscopic lift, which uses small incisions to adjust tissue and muscle beneath the skin. Another option is a coronal incision made behind the hairline and used to raise the skin and tissue.

Q: What is recovery like?

A: Though surgeons do their best to minimize side effects, swelling is common after the surgery, sometimes with a temporarily exaggerated look of raised eyebrows. Bruising may also occur in some cases. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for a couple of weeks. The placement of incisions is designed to minimize scarring.

To learn more about forehead lifts, check out our resources section or find a doctor in your area for a consultation.

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