What You Should Know About Crossfit

Crossfit is the relatively new, explosively popular trend on the fitness scene. This combination of gymnastics, aerobics, and weight lifting is known for the intensity of its workouts and the zeal of its adherents. But what impact can this program really have on your health and wellness?


1. Effective training: The high intensity interval training (HIIT) used by its workouts quickly builds up strength and endurance, and provides a significant boost to metabolism, despite requiring less time commitment than most traditional exercises. Good nutrition with emphasis on the “paleo” diet is also an important component, and this tends to amplify the positive effect on users’ health and wellness.

2. Accessibility: Crossfit’s skyrocketing popularity has inspired the opening of a huge number gyms, or “boxes,” across the nation, and many enthusiasts have become coaches as well. Though mastering the workouts is an extreme challenge, the program as a whole advertises itself as being open to all levels of fitness expertise.

3. Community: The devotees that practice this routine are notoriously inclusive and supportive, with high levels of enthusiasm for their program both in and out of the gym. Being surrounded by a dedicated community often inspires participants to a higher degree of consistency and increased performance in their exercise.


1. Injury risk: One of the most dangerous obstacles in pursuing this route to fitness is the all-too-common possibility of serious injury. Herniated disks, torn or ruptured muscles, and potentially deadly conditions such as rhabdomyolysis are frequent problems. It is crucial to observe the correct technique when executing these often difficult exercises, but factors such as fatigue or poor training can easily affect a participant’s form and greatly increase his or her risk of injury.

2. Difficulty: Crossfit exercises are notoriously challenging, often resulting in vomiting or collapse from exhaustion. Individuals are constantly expected to push the limits of their abilities, and in doing so may be encouraged to take on exercises that are too difficult. This behavior can easily have harmful effects.

To learn more about Crossfit, ask our panel of doctors to see if this workout is right for you.

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