Why Half of Americans Suffer from High Stress

Photo of Americans suffer stress LocateADocHow stressed out are you? Though most people experience the pressures of physical and mental anxieties at one time or another, it may be affecting our society more than you think. According to a recent survey titled “The Burden of Stress in America,” about half of the American public has experienced major stress in the last year.The poll was conducted to analyze the factors surrounding common anxieties and how participants experience and manage them in their lives. Many different aspects were surveyed, including the types of people experiencing worry, perceived causes and effects, and management techniques ranging from changes in diet to seeing a psychiatrist.

Poor health was discovered to be a common source of worry to many. Among those polled who reported being highly stressed in the last year, 43% identified a health related problem as a main contributor. Illness and disease topped the list of common major stressors, followed by the death of a loved one. Health issues also were a primary burden for a third those who cited major anxiety in the past month. People in poor health were much more likely to suffer increased levels of stress as well, with 60% of that group reporting that they experienced a great deal of it over the course of the last month.

The polled population used a range of methods and attempted steps towards managing anxieties, including regularly spending time with family and friends, praying or meditating, practicing a hobby, or seeking professional help like that of a psychiatrist. Among the most effective were spending time outdoors or developing a hobby.

If you or someone you know is suffering from major stresses and having trouble finding management techniques that work, consult a psychiatrist or a counselor for advice.

For more information on stress management or to consult a psychologist, browse our resources section to the find the answers you need.

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