Is Gum Shaping Right for You?

Is being self-conscious of your gum line affecting your willingness to smile? Gum shaping, also known as contouring, may be an option for you. This dental procedure can alter gums that are placed awkwardly on the teeth, and it reshapes them to better showcase a balanced smile.

There are a number of conditions that can influence the height of your gums, which can affect the appearance of your teeth. Even healthy teeth can seem too large, if your gum line has a tendency to recede. They can also seem too small, if your gums cover a large portion of your teeth. These factors can make many people feel self-conscious of their smile and other displays of the mouth such as talking or eating. Gum shaping is available for those who wish to pursue a cosmetic solution to get the look of the smile they deserve, though it may also be used in conjunction with more major oral surgeries.

The details of your procedure will vary according to your individual needs and desired outcome. Your dentist or periodontal surgeon will consult with you to determine how much of the area should be altered and in what way. The most common methods of performing the surgery include using scalpels, lasers, or radiosurgery techniques. Your dental professional will help decide which is best for you.

Generally, there is minimal discomfort associated with reshaping. Your dentist will mark the contours being altered, apply a general anesthesia, and operate using the agreed-upon method. It is not uncommon to involve the bone at the roots of some teeth in the procedure. Patients do commonly experience some swelling and tenderness following the surgery. Over the counter painkillers and soft foods are recommended while recovering.

If you are curious about this procedure, contact your dentist for more information about gum shaping and how it may be right for you.

 If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, feel free to browse our additional resources on gum contouring or find a dental surgeon in your area for a consultation.

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