Cristiano Ronaldo and His Cosmetic Dentistry Smile

Cristiano_Ronaldo_2010Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has been said to have had cosmetic dentistry and braces to bring that his smile to light. Having cosmetic dentistry done will make someone look more attractive and younger, and help make lasting first impressions. Ronaldo is a hit on and off the field, and his smile is one of the keys to his attractiveness.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Braces

Millions of adults and children are self-conscious of their smiles and laughs. Feeling stuck and embarrassed by the appearance of their mouth, they cover their mouths with their hands when they laugh, smile, or even talk. Cosmetic dentistry with braces is the ideal solution for those who want to emerge with a beautiful, powerful smile that captivates everyone they meet. With this corrective teeth straightening procedure, there will be no need to hide in the corner while everyone else is out on the dance floor, smiling and laughing and having a great time. Unlike other dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry with braces is relatively non-invasive and won't burn a hole in the pocket either. Effective, safe, and affordable, cosmetic dentistry with braces can shape an individual's lifestyle and mouth for the better.

What You Should Know

To begin, cosmetic dentistry treatments with braces typically need at least six months to obtain satisfactory results. Braces provide for a low force, cosmetic solution that increases the comfort, hygiene, and safety of the patient. Through this dental procedure, most patients emerge with straighter, healthier teeth, and a beautiful smile that they tend to show off whenever they get the chance. While braces take some time to get accustomed to as they consist of brackets and wires, they are a relatively short orthodontic treatment that can give patients the look they've always desired. Best of all, braces come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so patients can pick teeth-colored tones and colors to avoid making the cosmetic dental treatment obvious.

Recovery from Cosmetic Dentistry

Like most dental treatments, the recovery period can vary from a few days to a few weeks. With braces, the recovery period is typically longer as the teeth and gums must grow accustomed to the new dental appliance. Sore and bleeding gums are common during the first few weeks of treatment and choice of food available may be limited as only soft foods should be consumed. Painkillers and other prescriptions may aid the recovery period to make it as comfortable as possible.

Turning to cosmetic dentistry with braces may prove to be the ideal solution to fixing those crooked teeth and unsymmetrical smile. With braces, the patient can expect to see a glowing face in the mirror with a bright and beautiful smile in less than a year. They improve the appearance and confidence of the wearer and does wonders to the alignment of the teeth. One look at Cristiano Ronaldo, and you'll agree they can do wonders for an appearance.

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