Cosmetic Surgery Essentials - Average Costs for the 5 Most Popular Procedures

Photo-of-cost-of-5-most-popular-cosmetic-surgeries-LocateADocWhen it comes to cosmetic procedures, patients inevitably have many questions as they consider their options. Potential patients wonder about things like what preparations they will need to make in advance, the types of side effects they might experience, and what the recovery period will be like. But the main thing on most people’s minds is the cost.

The prices associated with cosmetic surgery vary greatly. Patients also do not typically receive one lump sum when it is time for billing. There are many facets involved, including anesthesia, lab tests, overnight hospital stays, surgeon choice, and various hospital fees, among others that can alter the price. There are also additional expenses, like prescription medicine and recovery items you will want to have at home for a comfortable recuperation. For more intense cosmetic procedures, many patients will be at home resting for a period of several weeks or more, which means they may want to invest in extra bedding, loungewear, and even entertainment, such as DVDs and books.

But for the actual surgery costs, these were the five most popular cosmetic procedures in 2013 and the average rate for each, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

1) Breast Augmentation - $3,678

2) Nose Reshaping (rhinoplasty) - $4,545

3) Eyelid Surgery - $2,818

4) Liposuction - $2,866

5) Facelift - $6,556

These estimates represent average costs across the United States. Additional factors, such as location and a surgeon’s level of experience, can also affect the fee. If you feel that the pricing you have been provided is far off the mark compared to these, do not hesitate in seeking a second opinion from another practice.

Depending on the work being done, and the reasons for it, insurance may pay the entire bill or just a portion. For example, someone who suffers from chronic pain due to breast size may find that insurance will pay for a reduction to alleviate that pain and improve quality of life. But for someone who just wants to change their nose because they do not like the look of it, the procedure will not be covered.

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