Nose Job? Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors Swirl

Kylie Jenner picture nose job - locateadocKylie Jenner, the 16-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star, has been in the middle of a flurry of plastic surgery rumors lately. While she took to her Twitter account in April to address some of these rumors, stating, "these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting," it has done nothing to settle the rumor mill.

Miss Jenner is suspected of getting a nose job along with lip injections and Botox. Nose jobs are common in Hollywood, with Blake Lively and Jennifer Anniston being two of the best known alterations.

The nose job, or rhinoplasty, is surgical restructuring of the nose's size or shape. While it can be done to correct breathing problems or abnormalities, the majority of cases are done as a purely cosmetic option. Cosmetically, it is done to provide better facial balance. It is generally an outpatient procedure where IV sedation or general anesthesia is given. After the procedure, the nose is draped and external splits are put on to keep it from trauma and damage.

The length of time the procedure will take will be determined by the amount of work being done. If just the tip is being done, or say a bump on the nose is being shaved down, it will take less than a total transformation of reducing size and restructuring the shape. The more intense the alteration, the longer the procedure will last and the more anesthesia will be given. While there are risk factors involved due to anesthesia being used, the procedure is considered to be completely safe and generally well received by patients.

If Kylie Jenner did have a nose job, recovering wouldn’t have been too demanding. The splint is removed in about a week and there can be some swelling, bruising and mild pain. Ice packs can help with these side effects. Medication is usually given to keep you comfortable. All side effects are typically gone in two weeks, and you will be able to return to daily activities. More rigorous activities may take a few additional weeks.

Whether Kylie Jenner had a nose job or not is up for speculation. She's adamantly denying it, stating her young age as a reason. Most plastic surgery procedures do have a minimum age. Whether you are a celebrity or an average Jill, one thing is for sure, nose jobs can transform a face with very little downtime.

For more information on a rhinoplasty including before and after pictures visit our resources section or find a rhinoplasty doctor near you.


Photo By Disney | ABC Television Group [Creative Commons]


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  • Vanessa Bryant has denied that she’s had plastic surgery to stop her husband Kobe Bryant from straying. Recent rumors are suggesting that Bryant has undergone surgery to improve her appearance and a source has told the press that she “would do anything to keep Kobe happy”.  Rumors spread after recent photos of Bryant at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She has dyed her hair black and her nose appears to be much thinner and narrower. Her eyebrows also appear to be much higher than before, and her skin tone has changed. Pictures of her before and after this alleged makeover have been posted by The Daily Mail.

  • A new TV show in Australia called The Shire recently spotlighted plastic surgery and featured the stars of the show having now qualms about treatments. The show’s stars Sophie and Vernesa aren’t afraid to show off their fake breasts in revealing tops and dresses, and are both sporting the infamous lip-enhanced pouts. Vernesa admits that she’s been told not to have any more filler treatments in her lips to prevent her lips from touching her nose. She undergoes Botox for the first time on camera.

  • Khloe Kardashian made headlines recently after the paparazzi caught her with the infamous “trout pout” – the result of too many injectable fillers in the lips. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister appeared to have some very swollen and lumpy lips after leaving a Beverly Hills salon last week and many are suspecting that that star had cosmetic surgery. Celebrity plastic surgery doctor Dr. Anthony Youn did not treat Khloe Kardashian but believes that the star did have some type of injectable filler. He tells, “Khloe has a trout pout! The excessively plump appearance of her lips could be due to injections of a filler like Juvederm. Her upper lip is larger than her lower lip, causing her mouth to resemble a trout’s. Most injectable fillers last about 6 months in the lips, so given enough time we may see her lips shrink to a smaller and more typical size.” Another plastic surgery doctor, Dr. Michael Fiorellio who is based in New York City, made a similar conclusion. He suspects that Khloe had some type of filler treatment because, “Her lips look swollen and bruised. The product looks lumpy as well”. Dr. Fiorellio is suggesting that this Kardashian sister had either Juvederm or Restylane injections to make her lips appear larger and fuller. Injectable fillers are among the most popular types of non-invasive cosmetic enhancements around the country, and are an attractive option for women who want to add volume to their lips, fill out hollows in their cheeks, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. They’re also more affordable than having surgery and can be a convenient option for those who don’t want to deal with the long downtime and recovery process associate with a surgical procedure like lip implants or a facelift.