How Safe is a Neck Lift Procedure?

Photo of Safety of Necklift Procedure LocateADocIf you have excess skin or fat around your neck, you may be considering getting neck lift surgery. Just like any other form of cosmetic surgery, this procedure has its fair share of benefits and risks. Before going forward with this or any other plastic surgery procedure, you should consult your doctor and inform yourself on every risk involved to find out whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

A patient considering this procedure must be in good health to be considered a proper candidate for the surgery. Most patients who are considering getting a neck lift procedure have excess skin, fat, or "turkey waddle neck." During your consultation with your doctor, you will express your goals and discuss all of your options. If you have any concerns about safety, you should discuss those concerns with your doctor.

So, just how safe is this procedure? Just like any other cosmetic procedure, this surgery has its fair share of risks. While the procedure is generally considered safe, there are a few complications that could result. Common complications include a tingling, pulling, or burning sensation, swelling and bruising that may last for several days, numbness in the skin, an allergic reaction to medications administered following the procedure, and risk of infection.

After receiving a neck lift procedure, your recovery period will likely take between one to two weeks. Most people are able to get back to work and other regular activities after that period of time has passed. People who are physically active or participate in sports may have to wait up to three weeks to resume those activities. Many patients have to wear a bandage for a period of time following the procedure. You doctor will advise you on how to prepare for your proper recovery.

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