How Can Brow Lifts Lighten the Weight of Aging?

Photo of brow lift antiaging LocateADocHave you looked in the mirror lately and noticed that time seems to be creeping up on you, though you can’t pinpoint where? Many of the most common and evident signs of aging can be traced to target areas in the forehead and brow region. Thus, many plastic surgeons may recommend brow lifts as one of the cosmetic facial procedures most likely to rejuvenate the main signs of aging in a patient. What does this procedure entail, and how can it lift some of the years off your face?

After decades of contracting and extending, the muscles and skin in your forehead start to lose elasticity causing the features of the upper face to show signs of aging. By tightening this area to compensate for this laxity, a younger appearance can often be restored.

Even as furrows of wrinkles start to develop on your forehead, the muscles controlling the eyebrows and keeping their shape start to lose their tension and causing them to droop lower. Brow lifts can pull eyebrows back up into a natural arch that fends off the years.

The proportions of facial features instantly communicate information about our age. Time pulls down on these, gradually elongating the forehead and creating an older appearance, but a quick tightening of the brow can restore balance to facial features.

Sagging of excess skin around the eyes and eventual drooping of the eyelids into hoods is another indicator of the weight of the years. A lift can pull back some of that and help restore the bright, wide-eyed looks associated with youth.

This treatment is usually used in conjunction with other facial procedures to achieve the fullest, most natural-looking effect, but to directly address these signs of aging, brow lifts are commonly advised as a first-choice surgical option.

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