Can a Robot Help Regrow Your Hair?

Photo of ARTAS hair loss treatment LocateADocSufferers of male-pattern baldness have long been limited in their options for hair loss treatment, often relegated to cumbersome manual transfer procedures with irregular success rates and inconvenient recovery times. But pioneers in the field are seeking to change that, using technological innovation to help more effectively and efficiently counteract the process of hair loss.

One such high-tech advancement is the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant, a system developed by Restoration Robotics, Inc. This device uses a robot arm and computer imaging to control the process of FUE (follicular unit extraction), precisely removing tiny clusters of hairs intact from the back of the patient’s scalp to transfer to balding areas.

That’s right; you no longer have to rely solely on the steady hand of your doctor to make sure each hair on your head comes out safe and sound. The ARTAS System calculates and makes the exact incision needed to harvest the follicular unit properly according to factors such as angle and density of the individual extraction. The computer also operates by an algorithm that selects the hair to remove randomly throughout the donor area, eliminating the visibility of scarring prevalent in most previous methods of hair loss treatment.

The mechanical control and high viability rate of the extracted follicles shortens the removal procedure, which previously required several grafting sessions, into what is often a single outpatient procedure with a recovery rate of only a few days.

Transplant of the hair into the recipient area is still conducted manually, and the system does not work on all hair types, though the company is developing these areas. Still, rest assured that doctors and robots alike are working to keep you with that lush, full head of hair.

To read more about hair restoration procedures, check out our resources guide or find a doctor in your area.

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