Replacing Breast Implants with Fat Transfer: Important Facts to Consider

Photo of breast implants vs fat transfer LocateADocFat transfers are a new option in the world of plastic surgery that has gained the attention of both industry experts and potential patients. There are success stories of transferring a patients own fat cells from the thigh or another area where there are an abundance of these cells to the face, breast, buttocks, or other remote area.

As more and more surgeons have experimented with the technique over the last few years, many have reported very positive results. Stories of these successes have led to some women asking if they should have their breast implants removed and then have their bosoms filled out through fat transfer. If you are in a situation like this, be sure to understand the facts.

1) Breast implants have been heavily tested and proven safe.

Plastic surgeons have been using this procedure for decades, with consistently positive results. The industry has closely regulated the types of inserts available and ensured they are safe for patients. There are few safety concerns when it comes to this common plastic surgery procedure. On the other hand, fat grafting is a relatively new procedure. While no major health concerns have appeared to date, long-term testing has not been done to confirm its safety for patients.

2) They give uniform, long-lasting results.

Patients of traditional breast procedures enjoy uniform size and positioning after getting inserts. They last for many years, in some cases even 20 years or a lifetime. Some fat cells that are involved in a transfer do not survive the procedure, which could lead to uneven cup sizes, lumps, and other issues.

3) A fat transfer can lead to the formation of excessive scar tissue.

Early research indicates that this extra scar tissue looks similar to dangerous cancer cell masses in the chest. This may lead to difficulty in identifying cancer during a routine mammogram and other screening for patients down the road.

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