Why Just Live Longer When You Can Live Better Too

Some say that the secret to a life well lived is having no regrets. Well, that may be true, but it doesn't stop the effects of aging on all of our bodies and mind. Luckily, there are many ways you can change your life to improve your chances at having a life full of health and wellness. Here are a few simple ways that you can ensure many happy years to come.

Make More Friends

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Having positive and consistent social interactions can benefit everyone at any point in their life. As we get older it becomes easy to lose track of friends and loved ones, but by keeping them close can we make the aging process easier and more fun. That being said, you do have to consider the quality of those friendships. The old saying still rings true- "you are the company you keep".

Quit Smoking

If you aren't a smoker, good for you- go ahead a skip this section. If you still can't kick the habit then try to remember this piece of advice, the best time to quit smoking is now. While you may have a fatalistic outlook on life, keep in mind that smoking doesn't just kill you early- it kills you badly. Think about the time you'll spend in hospitals at the end of your life instead of out in the world with your loved ones.

Change your Diet

Nutrition plays a key role in the aging process. How our bodies last over the years is a direct result of how we treat them and what we put inside of them. A good rule of thumb for choosing your foods is to eat as many different colors as there are in the world. Instead of grey burgers and brown french fries, try some green peppers and purple cabbage to liven up your plate and body.

There are many ways to live longer, but remembering to enjoy and appreciate each day that you do have is is a sure fire way to live best.

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