Engagement Ring Selfies Make Hand Lifts More Popular

Instagram engagement selfie from @3sth3r_817

After saying yes, future brides are announcing their engagement increasingly through social media posting wedding ring selfies with Instagram tags such as #wereengaged, #saidyes, and #putaringonit.

But the filter world of Instagram isn’t enough for the part of our body that ages the earliest, our hands. So brides-to-be are looking for some selfie help from cosmetic specialists.

Hand Rejuvenation is becoming more popular, according to Coley Cosmetic and Hand Surgery Center’s Christopher Coley, MD. Dr. Coley, who treats patients out of the Greensboro, NC area, said that “the hands sometimes show the real age of a patient.”

He noted that previously patients could get facelifts to look younger or get tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and arm lifts, but that the hands would “show” their real age.

Christopher Coley, MD“To rejuvenate the hands usually requires a combined approach with both filling of the hollowness on the dorsum of the hands with either fat transfer (the more permanent fix) to adding a filler such as Radiesse to the back of hands,” Dr. Coley told LocateADoc.com. “Adding volume reduces the hollowness and puts the skin on stretch to make the skin less wrinkly. The addition of topical anti-aging creams like hydroquinone will fade out some of the sun damage or a peel or laser is used to tighten the skin and also diminish the sun damage/dark spots on the hands.

"Combining these two procedures gives excellent results for rejuvenating the aging hands. Fat transfer or filler in the hands may be performed with minimal down time in the office, as can lasers or chemical peels for hands.”

Dr. Coley said a patient can expect to pay around $2,500 for the combination of fat transfer plus the laser procedure. Learn more about Dr. Coley by visiting his profile page.

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Instagram engagement selfie from @3sth3r_817.

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