Will Testosterone Therapy Combat The Natural Signs of Aging?

Photo-of-testosterone-therapy-combat-aging-LocateADocTestosterone therapy. For years, these two words have had a huge impact on our society and culture. The "ideal man" has become an image not just of a loving father who supports his family, but of a father who has ripped abs, a full head of hair, a sports car and can rock anyone's socks off in bed. However, these two opposing images have given rise to many men considering testosterone therapy to fight the naturally lowering levels of the hormone in their bodies as they age.

So what is normal? Testosterone is an androgen, or hormone, that is made in the male body mostly by the testicles. The hormone is produced at its peak as males enter their teenage years and early adulthood. After their twenties, most men begin to incrementally produce less and less of this hormone every year. Why does this matter? Why would you need to consider testosterone therapy?

Testosterone helps maintain and regulate many aspects of the male human body;

  • Bone, muscle and fat levels
  • Reproductive drive and sperm production
  • Overall energy and wellness

As the testosterone naturally declines, many men begin to feel like they are losing something or become despondent at their self-perceived lack of manliness. This reaction is completely natural and very common. However, how each man reacts to this differs.

Some might say, "Hey, this is part of life. Let me focus on other things in life that may not require the strength of an ox or youthful virility. I'm going to write a novel and learn Portuguese."

Conversely, some men want to halt their dwindling testosterone levels and regain their manhood through testosterone therapy. Unless it is connected to another underlying physical problem, most men do not get that much benefit from the therapy. In fact, it can sometimes cause problems such as sleep apnea or testicle shrinkage.

Whatever course of action you take, the first step with any medical concern is talking with your doctor.

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