Take Care of Your Teeth to Take Care of Your Body

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In centuries past, an infected tooth or rotten gums would often prove to be deadly. Today, modern dentistry and technology give us the ability to solve these problems when they arise. However, still the most important way you can avoid tooth related health problems is by practicing proper preventative care.

We all know that brushing, flossing and regular visits to your dentist are how to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy. However, fewer people realize that neglecting your teeth can lead to more serious health problems than a cavity.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that the bacteria from your mouth can work it's way into your bloodstream and eventually to your heart. Making sure that you brush regularly can prevent the harmful build-up of bacteria in your body.


Certain infections of the gum are believed to effectively increase your risk of diabetes. Chances are that eating sweets and drinking soda is not only bad for your dental health, but can cause worse problems down the road.

Respiratory Problems

It is thought that patients who already have or are prone to lung infections can be put at greater risk if they have unhealthy teeth. The bacteria from your mouth can be transferred to the lungs where it can do much more damage.

Psychological Health

Having clean and healthy teeth has a positive effect on your mental wellness and self esteem. It may seem superficial, but people with bad breath and stained teeth often have trouble in social settings, which can have a negative effect their psychological health.

Thinking of your mouth as the entryway to your body is a good metaphor to keep this in perspective. Think about how your air, food and water all pass through your mouth to enter your body. Keeping your mouth healthy will keep that pathway clean and clear for years to come.

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