FUE vs. Strip Harvesting: Understanding the Facts about Hair Transplants

Photo of facts of FUE vs Strip Harvesting baldness treatment Locate A DocWhen it comes to getting a hair transplant, patients have more than one option to consider. Strip harvesting is a technique that has been around for many years and offers patients the quality results they're looking for. FUE transplants, on the other hand, are a newer technique that is also gaining a loyal following. As is the case with any medical procedure, there are both pros and cons to the two options. If you struggle with balding and are looking for a solution to address the issue, you'll want to learn more.

Key Benefits of the FUE Procedure

  • No linear scar is left on the back of the head after surgery is completed.
  • Often favored for younger patients who have a small treatment area.
  • Donor hair can be taken from other parts of the body if necessary, not just the back of the head.
  • Usually recommended for men who want to be able to have a very short hair cut, since scars won't form.

Key Benefits of Strip Harvesting

  • Costs are significantly lower than the FUE procedure.
  • Large amount of grafts can be collected and implanted in one single session, as opposed to the FUE procedure, which may require several visits.
  • Higher individual graft survival rate.
  • More research has been completed about this option since it has been the preferred method for more than a decade.

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