Menopause Weight Gain Isn’t Inevitable

Photo of scale weight gain during menopause LocateADocDuring a woman’s stage of menopause, it’s easier for her to gain unwanted weight and harder for her to get rid of it. Recent studies show that weight loss is possible if women adhere to a strict diet and exercise routine.

For most middle-aged women, this is the time extra belly fat starts to come about. Whether it’s five or fifteen pounds, the weight gain can be very discouraging. Especially to women who never had trouble keeping a trim figure in their younger years.

Researchers blame the hormonal shifts of menopause for the unwanted belly fat. Hormones change the distribution of natural fat in the body, causing the extra weight to center on the abdomen area. Gaining belly fat isn’t just discouraging; it can also increase a woman’s risk for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic discovered that female bodies have two enzymes, which become more active once estrogen begins to drop during the menopausal years. On average, menopausal women gain about ten pounds.

The good news is that those extra ten pounds can be dropped with dieting and exercise! Researchers also found that women were able to lose by following a low-calorie diet of about 1,300 calories per day combined with an exercise regime that burned between 1,000 to 1,500 calories per week.

So, while those unwanted pounds are easily picked up during menopause, they can be dropped with dieting and exercise. It’s just going to take some extra hard work!

If you have additional questions regarding menopause, find a local doctor with our Find A Doctor feature who can answer your specific questions.

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