Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence? Pictures Help.

Jennifer Lawrence Photo - LocateADoc.comI want to look like Jennifer Lawrence is what Kitty told her plastic surgeon before spending $25,000 to make it happen.

Lawrence, of course, is the Academy Award winning movie star from American Hustle as well as the heroine in The Hunger Games. Kitty is a 30-year-old married Texas dog trainer who reportedly had liposuction, breast augmentation, fat grafts, and rhinoplasty to look like the movie star.

“If a patient came in and told me ‘I want to look like Jennifer Lawrence’ my answer would be that I cannot do that but if she can tell me what she is self conscious about and what features of Ms Lawrence she is attracted to perhaps, we can do something to make that patient more confidant in her own looks,” Miami, Florida Plastic Surgeon Leonard M. Hochstein, MD, PA told

According to Hochstein, bringing in a photo, even a celebrity’s photo can be helpful setting expectation for outcomes of the procedures or treatments.

Leonard M Hochstein, MD

“It is not uncommon for patients to bring in pictures of features in celebrities,” Dr. Hochstein said. “It can be very useful to see what they like or dislike about another person's anatomy.  The most common pictures I see are of movie actors and models. These people are known for their beauty so it stands to reason that many patients want to emulate some of these looks when they choose to have surgery for themselves.

“My response is always the same in that I tell them that I cannot give them another person’s nose or breasts but I find it very useful so that they can tell me what aspects of the celebrities anatomy they specifically like.  More information is never a bad thing for a plastic surgeon and any insight I can have in determining what my patients really want for themselves is great.”

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Jennifer Lawrence at the 83rd Academy Awards Red Carpet Photo By MingleMediaTVNetwork [Creative Commons]


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