FAQs About the Vampire Facelift

Photo of vampire facelift Locate A DocThere is a relatively new facial rejuvenating procedure that is attracting major media attention. The vampire facelift has a name that raises eyebrows on its own, yet few people know what it really entails. In fact, despite its name, the procedure is non-surgical, unlike an actual facelift. These are the basics about the procedure that may just be the next big trend in facial enhancements.

What does the procedure entail?

First, blood is taken from the patient. That blood is separated into plasma and red blood cells, with the platelet-rich plasma being set aside for use in the procedure. It is injected into the face with a fine needle, which is applied as much as a hundred times. The plasma stimulates the production of collagen.

What problem areas does it address?

Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and puffiness around the eyes can all be addressed with this procedure.

Who is considered an ideal candidate?

Most cosmetic surgeons recommend this type of procedure for women who are in their 40s or are older, and who have visible signs of aging that they'd like to address.

Does it hurt?

Yes, patients feel the needle pricking their skin time and time again. Afterwards, the patient's face is sore and swollen. That pain typically subsides within a day or so, and many patients opt to take over-the-counter medication during those first 24 hours.

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