Step Up To This Machine To See A New You!

Photo of new machine to see new you Locate A DocA bad haircut grows out, an unflattering outfit can be returned, but what do you do about plastic surgery that doesn’t turn out quite right? Pre-surgery consultations give patients some idea of what they will look like after surgery, but a new service is working to give patients a clearer picture. Vectra is an innovative new tool that uses 3-D imaging to photograph a patients body and then allow surgeons to manipulate that model to show what a patient’s body would look like with surgical modifications. It is perfect for a patient who knows they want to make some change but is unsure what procedure is right for them.

From the patient’s end using the Vectra is quite simple. A technician takes a scan of the patient's body from multiple angles with the machine’s high resolution camera. The photos then load and pop up on a touch screen. The surgeon then enters the desired procedure and violá, the patient appears on screen slimmer, bustier, with smoother skin, or whatever they desire. Vectra is so precise that it even allows patients to see where there would be scarring after a procedure.

The machine allows patients to see if their goals for plastic surgery line up with the expected results. By giving patients a more realistic expectation of what they will look like post surgery the machine can decrease buyers remorse. On the other end, patients may not realize all they can achieve through plastic surgery and thus be more eager to undergo a procedure. Patients who are interested in cosmetic surgery should look for surgeons in their area and inquire as to whether they are utilizing this revolutionary new machine.

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