A New Head of Hair For A Former New England Patriot

Photo Of Man After Hair TransplantThey say that men with a full head of hair command more respect, make more money, and get more dates. Now, one wouldn’t expect that an all-pro wide receiver felt he was lacking in any of those categories, but Denver Bronco Wes Welker certainly appreciates the advantages of a full head of hair. In the summer of 2012, when he was playing for the New England Patriots, the wide receiver underwent a hair transplant to remediate the hair thinning that most men experience as they age.

Hair transplants are an easy out patient procedure that allows men and women to regain their full head of hair and the youthful look and confidence that come with it. During the procedure the doctor transplants hair follicles onto an area of the scalp where hair is thinning or lost due to balding. New technology allows for a fuller, thicker, and more natural head of hair than the procedures of the past. After the procedure patients can immediately resume their normal activities. The full results of the procedure are not immediately evident. As the hair that grows back is truly your hair full results take 18 months.

Welker was back in the game, wearing his helmet shortly after the his hair transplant, and he has become quite the advocate for the procedure. Instead of shying away from speaking about his procedure, Welker has spoken openly about his new head of hair and even appeared in commercials with the doctor who performed the procedure. By openly sharing his entire experience, he has been an advocate for those wanting to improve their confidence by restoring their head of hair.

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