Facial Hair Transplants Are Getting More Popular Thanks To Hipsters

When you hear the word hipster, what do you think of? Skinny jeans and thick-framed glasses probably come to mind, along with the indie-pop music that's ruling the airwaves these days. You might also think of facial hair, and you wouldn't be alone. A defined mustache and a bold beard are two characteristics you'll see on hipsters from coast to coast. As it turns out, some of those full beards are getting a little help from a hair transplant. 

Photo Of Man With Facial Hair Transplants - Locate A DocMany men want a full beard but just don't have the genetics for it. When they let their hair grow out naturally, it forms spotty, unattractive patterns. Some men are so unhappy or self-conscious about the look that they fill in those spotty areas with a dark-colored eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. But now these men have discovered that a hair transplant procedure can give them the look they've always wanted.

A facial procedure is similar to a traditional hair transplant done on the scalp. The doctor removes hair from other body parts, such as the head and the chest, and implants it in the desired area. The implanted hair grows back and can be shaved and trimmed like usual.

The procedure is increasingly popular with hipsters who are known for having a distinct look and placing a lot of importance on that specific style. It's also an option for Hasidic Jews and men who are unhappy with their baby-faced looks. Time will tell if the trend spreads and becomes commonplace throughout the country.

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