Understanding How Mental Health Affects Your Relationships

Image of PsychiatristADHD is a common mental health issue that can take a toll on relationships. Making matters even worse, most people consider it a problem that only children face, meaning that many adults go undiagnosed. When these people suffer from its symptoms without getting psychiatric help, it's negative effect can be felt in every relationship they have, from the workplace to their home life. The following is a breakdown of some of most relationship-damaging aspects of the disorder that psychiatry experts have identified:


Those who suffer with ADHD often have a hard time paying attention. This can put a tremendous strain on relationships when others are left feeling that the person doesn't care or respect them enough to listen. If children feel that they don't receive enough attention when they're speaking or that the parent doesn't want to spend time with them, it could translate to lowered self-esteem or depression.

Difficulty Finishing Tasks

In children, this characteristic can make it difficult for them to complete homework or an entire test in one sitting. Adults who have difficulty finishing tasks may not do things around the house or take care of other tasks they're responsible for. They may start a job and leave it undone for an extended period of time, upsetting their partner and triggering an argument.

Impulsive Behavior

People with ADHD are often in search of stimulation since their mind feels so active. They may be reckless and act without thinking about the consequences. Because of this, parents may act irresponsibly around their children or in a way that is perceived as rude by their partner.

Difficulty Managing Responsibility

Forgetfulness and poor organizational skills can lead to an inability to manage responsibility. ADHD sufferers might forget about important events, lose track of paperwork or bills, and forget to follow through on unresolved issues. Partners may feel a burden on their shoulders or that their partner doesn't love them if they're left to handle everything themselves.

ADHD is just one prominent example of a mental health issue that can cause permanent damage to important relationships. If you suspect you or someone you care about may have it, be sure to seek the help of a psychiatric professional.

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