Three Surprising Things Your Smile Says About You

Image Of Smiling WomanResearch over the last several years has revealed that your smile says a lot about you. Sure, it lets others know that you're happy or content, but it can do a whole lot more than that. For example, did you know a childhood smile may influence the odds of getting a divorce later in life? These findings prove that orthodontics and a big grin are about a lot more than just looking good!

1) Childhood smiling habits may be an indicator for a happy marriage. One study shows that those people who had the biggest grins in their college yearbook photos were less likely to divorce. In contrast, 25 percent of those who had straight faces had gone through a divorce. Another study reviewed the childhood photos of its participants, who were all over the age of 65. Those who had the biggest grins in the pictures had a significantly lower divorce rate of just 11 percent, whereas those who smiled least had a divorce rate of 31 percent.

2) Smiles can also indicate overall health, perhaps including the fertility of women. Research shows that women with gum disease and increased inflammation take approximately two months longer to conceive. Gum disease also increases a woman's likelihood of heart disease, respiratory disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

3) High-earning women may owe at least part of their income to their healthy smiling habits and the orthodontics decisions they made as teenagers. A 2012 study showed that happy teens earned 10 percent more than the national average at age 29, while those who had been unhappy teens made a remarkable 30 percent less than average.

Having a vibrant, healthy smile seems to play a key role as young people grow up and become adults. Parents with young children may want to seek out the professional opinion of an orthodontics specialist to ensure their children are positioned for a lifetime of smiling!

To find out more about how to have a great smile, check out dentistry in our resources section or find a dentist.

Further Reading

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