Are Your Shoes Contributing To Lasting Back Pain?

Image Of Woman With Back Pain From ShoesAny chiropractor will tell you, shoes significantly affect the posture of your body. High heels and shoes without enough arch support create strain on the tendons and ligaments, putting your body in an unnatural position for extended periods of time. Statistics show that women take an average of 5,210 steps each day, while men take 7,192 steps daily. That’s a lot of time spent on your feet. Especially for people that suffer from chronic back pain, the type of footwear you use can make a bad situation worse.

High heels, especially those with heels over three inches tall, place a great deal of stress on your hips and lower back. Because the heel of the foot is raised above the toes, your back is forced to remain unnaturally arched, placing strain on an already sensitive area. However, chiropractic experts say too flat of shoes, such as ballet flats or flip flops, can be just as damaging. The lack of arch support in these shoes creates pressure on your feet and joints. In fact, studies show that flats may put up to 25% more pressure on your feet than high heels do.

Toning shoes also can contribute to continued back pain. The principle behind these shoes is to keep your body unbalanced, forcing your muscles to stay engaged at all times. Unfortunately, studies show that these shoes don’t actually tone your legs or burn more fat than traditional running shoes, and are actually incredibly stressful for your joints and back. These shoes are especially hard on those who have weak knees and ankles, and can actually contribute to back pain.

So, if you do suffer from chronic back pain, a chiropractor will suggest you stick with sneakers and shoes with strong arch support. Inserts can also help provide cushion, which will soften the shock effect caused by walking.

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