Diet Pills: The Secret to Weight Loss?

It’s no secret that in Hollywood, thin is always in. While celebrities may claim that their weight loss and svelte physiques are the result of diet and exercise, the truth is, many stars turn to outside resources for extra help. For example, Snooki, star of the popular reality show “Jersey Shore,” was open about her use of the diet pill Zantrex-3, claiming the supplement helped her shed 15 pounds. The Kardashian girls also endorsed slimming pill Quick Trim, saying the pills helped both Kim and Khloe burn off their post-baby weight. And of course, possibly no one has been more active in touting these type of supplements than talk show host and advice guru Oprah Winfrey. But do they really work?

With all of the weight loss plans available, it’s hard to believe that the secret to losing weight lies in a simple capsule. The fact is, there is no pill that dramatically reduces your weight over night, and no pill will allow you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Most of these supplements are really only caffeine pills, mixed with other energy boosting supplements. While caffeine certainly won’t “melt fat,” the energy boost may help decrease your appetite, or give you a boost of energy to help you stay focused while fasting and exercising.

No company can legitimately claim that their over-the-counter pill is better than any of the others. Whether the herbal supplements the capsules contain may help some people shed unwanted pounds, individual results will always vary. In fact, certain pills, such as Zantrex-3, may actually be dangerous to obese users, or those with heart disease due to the amount of caffeine it contains. So just like any other medication, be sure and speak with a physician before incorporating these supplements into your daily regimen. As for losing those extra pounds, the only proven method is still time-tested diet and exercise.

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