Boost Daily Productivity With These Healthy Food Groups

Photo Of Healthy Foods That Boost Productivity - LocateADoc.comEveryone has gone through the 2 p.m. slump where you feel sluggish and tired at one time or another. However, by eating the right healthy foods throughout the day, you can ensure you have a spring in your step by the time the afternoon rolls around.

Gaining energy back is as simple as changing around your diet. For instance, eating a healthy breakfast and not skipping meals increases energy without the need for excessive caffeine or overly sugared foods. But what food groups should be regular staples of your diet to keep daily productivity up?


Ditch that waffle in the morning and pick up an apple or banana instead. Fruits keep the blood sugar levels up and they are packed with fiber. This group slows down digestion, keeping the good effects in your system longer. Adding a citrus fruit such as lemon to your water also gives you a good serving of natural electrolytes, which the body craves when it’s tired.


The United States Department of Agriculture recommends half your plate needs to be either fruits or vegetables. Besides being productivity boosters, these healthy food groups are needed for your body to function well. Asparagus exemplifies why veggies are so important with its energy boosting Vitamin B. It also can break down our foods into digestible glucose. Adding items like kale to your normal vegetable diet will also provide much needed calcium, vitamins, and minerals.


Eggs, meats, seafood, and nuts boost your energy to the next level. For instance, eating raw, unsalted almonds not only keeps blood sugar levels high, but it also fights heart disease. If you like curry, cover your choice of meat with it. One of its important spices, cardamom increases blood flow, giving you a better kick on your day.

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