Three Ways A Healthy Lifestyle Boosts Overall Well Being

Scientists and doctors have long touted the benefits of staying active and eating a wholesome diet, and almost everyone knows that there are incredible benefits to keeping their weight under control and incorporating exercise into their routine. Now, research has shed some light on just how beneficial a healthy lifestyle can be. Check out these three ways it can positively impact your overall well being and you may just decide to make a few changes in your life!

Lowering Stress

Jogging benefits of exercisingExercise is a fantastic way to keep stress under control. Some people use their fitness time as a chance to mentally check out from all the stress they have in their lives, only to emerge an hour later having solved a difficult problem or come up with a plan to address a stressful situation. No matter what kind of exercise it is, from a slow-paced walk to an extreme sweat-inducing session, it's a proven fact that exercise-induced chemical reactions help the brain handle stress.

Improved Mood

Self-confidence goes up when you work out and eat right. When you see the physical results of your hard work, you'll feel not only happy about the way you look, but you'll also be proud of what you've achieved. The same thing goes for the positive feelings you have after skipping a fast food meal for a healthier alternative. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins, which is known for creating feelings of happiness.

Boost In Brainpower

Being active and eating a well-rounded diet are critical to mental health. It's important to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and essential oils to get a high level of brain-boosting benefits. Studies show that cardiovascular exercise can even create new brain cells and increase brain performance.

Further Reading

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  • While many people work with a dietician or nutritionist as part of a nutritional counseling program when they are trying to lose weight, part of the weight loss process often requires keeping track of food and calories consumed over the course of the day, and logging this information into a journal. People who have resolved to lose weight this year may now have some extra help with the Lose It! iPhone App. The iPhone application has been developed by FitNow and features a large database of calorie information.