Controversy Surrounds Cosmetic Surgeon Sculpting Perfect Wife

Dr David Matlock Picture - LocateADoc.comAfter news of Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon David Matlock's sculpting a "Wonder Woman" to marry broke, controversy erupted online.

Matlock is the famous 'Dr. 90210' who runs the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute. Last week he revealed how he transformed his patient into the 'perfect wife' with a combination of liposuction of the chin, arms, and thighs, as well as a Brazilian butt lift. She had originally sought a vaginoplasty after the birth of her daughter. He proposed to her soon after the surgeries were completed.

At which point did he cross the line, or did he? Online comments on various sites were mixed.

While Twitter posts were mostly unsupportive, some commenters on the Huffington Post story shed a different view.

"They are indeed a beautiful couple and I wish them all the best. Being of like mind and sharing a similar level of excitement about an enhanced body image, is not that unusual for today's couples, especially those wealthy enough to enjoy such simple pursuits.

Hopefully, even after the law of gravity imposes its will, their love will continue to grow and mature." - sablecombs

"They seem to trust each other- and seem very happy with how they achieve the bodies they both desire. He is a black plastic surgeon who pioneered a procedure good for him-

I am not a plastic surgery kind of girl, however, for those who are, well, they both look good and it’s not all topical they work out and eat healthy - good for them!" - twiggy2writes

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