New Stem Cell Treatment Programs at Eterna MD

Orlando, FL – August 12, 2013 - Eterna MD - The center for Anti Aging  and Regenerative medicine, is pleased to announce the addition of Stem Cell services and treatment programs to the national public.

Stem cell treatments support the body's natural ability to heal itself without surgery or invasive procedures which can often leave a patient in serve pain and discomfort for months or sometimes years! Stem cell therapy is the process that introduces new adult stem cells into damaged joints, tissue or muscles and is for treatments which address and help resolve specific problems as a result of the aging process. Eterna MD's stem cell treatments are state of the art and specifically designed to help you renew, repair, and restore worn joints & ligaments, improve circulation,  and reduce swelling while alleviating pain that comes from arthritis and neuromuscular challenges..

We are pleased to make this announcement to the general public but also to athletes both college and pro who play football, basketball, soccer and golf. Many athletes suffer from degenerative issues due to repetitive motion injuries.  Our stem cell treatment program has been especially helpful and effective in addressing those injuries. No longer is there a need to suffer in silence for years due to the debilitating effects of worn or aging joints, and muscles.

All of the stem cell services and treatments offered by Eterna MD are IRB ( Institutional Review Board) approved by the INTERNATIONAL CELLULAR MEDICINE SOCIETY. These studies are " Open Label, and Non-randomized, to help assess and support the safety and efficacy of stem cells coming from a patient's own Body Fat for the following conditions: Osteoarthritis, Emphysema, Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction, Repetitive Motion injuries. " Eterna MD's stem cell / regenerative medicine treatment programs are designed to help patients get control of their suffering due to chronic conditions and pain.

And while it’s true that there are no cures for any of these diseases, with Eterna MD’s new stem cell treatment program, there is hope for an improved quality of life without ever having to go under the knife or leave the country for experimental services and no follow up care. Stem Cell services help bring about:

  •  Improvement for impaired circulation issues and blood flow to tissues which promote tissue oxygenation.
  • Helps Accelerates your energy supply to cells and their metabolism.
  • Helps to Rebuild blood vessels, and enhances immune system function.
  • Facilitates Regeneration thus speeding up the healing process.
  • Promotes new tissue growth, and healing property.
  • Little to no risk of allergic or adverse reaction given that the stem cell extractions come from your body.
  • Little to no downtime, which provides a safe and fast recovery.
  • Our patients see rapid results and reduction of pain within just a few short months of treatment

Our stem cell treatment program of services and procedures, adhere to strict medical protocol within the frame work of our IRB  ( Institutional Review Board) approved by the INTERNATIONAL CELLULAR MEDICINE SOCIETY. We are constantly testing and retesting to ensure improved success ratios which allow our patients to see rapid results for the areas being treated!  Because the stem cells are obtained from a patient’s own unwanted fat through a mini-liposuction process, it ensures that we can obtain the best stem cells which leads to the best results for our patients.

There is no general anesthesia required during the mini-liposuction or the stem cell treatment, and all is completed on the same day at our state-of-the-art laboratory on site.  After the stem cell treatment, our patients are given the total count of usable stem cells, proceeded by close medical supervision and follow-up care for several months to ensure the active effects of the stem cell treatment(s)  Our patients will also now be able to bank their excess fat which is extracted through the mini-liposuction process for future use per the patient’s request.

Dr. Carlos Mercado, who is a Pioneer of Cell Assisted Cosmetic Enhancements in the United States, commented: Medicine is changing and we are moving into a new direction: which is using our own fat to regenerate tissues. I feel there is no more religious controversy since the official position of the Pope at the Vatican is now to support stem cell research and also we use the patient's own fat". So there is no embryonic tissue involved". It is fascinating as a physician to have a patient with severe joint pain due to  sport injury and have that patient return to even better performance as an athlete without the need of medications nor invasive surgery". When vaccines or Penicillin everybody was skeptical and I was myself as well. But once I noticed the results on my patients then my perspective changed". Unfortunately we as a Physicians we have being "trained" to always ask "show me the studies": That is the reason we decided to embark on the studies"

To learn more about the stem cell treatment programs and how Eterna MD can help you, call 877-538-9734 and visit them online at

Eterna MD is a regenerative medical center that specializes in Anti Aging and Stem Cell therapy treatments. Dr. Carlos Mercado & Dr. De La Vega are board certified doctors that will provide you with the latest in advanced technologies for medical rejuvenation!

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