Jennifer Aniston's IVF Success Rate at Age 44

Jennifer Aniston has begun In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments to have a baby with her fiancé Justin Theroux, according to In Touch magazine. 

The 44 year old actress has started to show signs of side effects from the IVF treatments, according to a witness from the set of her new film saying:

“She wasn’t as chipper as she has been."

In fact, infertility drugs can cause dramatic mood swings and is one of the disadvantages of IVF treatments along with the possible need for multiple attempts. Age is an important factor in success with women over 41, such as Aniston, having between a 13-18% IVF success rate.

“She knows the clock is ticking – she’s well aware of it. She’s also done her homework. She’s explored all methods for having a baby and knows what her options are with IVF. She’s educated herself.”

According to In Touch, she's aware of the IVF success rates at her age and is handling the emotional part of the process well. "There is no desperation. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."

Aniston and others who have traditionally had lower IVF success rates will benefit from new genetic testing allowing for the selection of the best embryo.

"It is hard to overstate how revolutionary this [new test] is," Doctor Michael Glassner recently said. "This increases pregnancy rates by 50% across the board and reduces miscarriages by a similar margin. It will be much less expensive. In five years, this will be state of the art and everyone who comes for IVF will have it."

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Photo of Jennifer Aniston via Wikimedia Commons

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