LASIK Surgery Can Lead to Misdemeanor Charge

LASIK Misdeameanor ChargePolice won't take your word for it if you had LASIK eye surgery and your license still lists an eye restriction, as one Ohio patient recently learned the hard way.

"I didn't know how serious it was until this," Meredith Crock, 24, told Stow, Ohio's WKYC-TV after she was pulled over recently and is now facing a misdemeanor charge.

Drivers who have restrictions on their license and don't have those restrictions removed through retesting their vision at their local Bureau or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) could face citations. This was the case with Crock.

"I was driving back from South Carolina and I got pulled over for speeding which is fine I was speeding," she said. "(The trooper) asked me if I was wearing my contacts and I recently just had lasik surgery so my answer was no."

It is recommended to carry proof of the surgery showing the new improved vision until the visit to the DMV can be made. This doesn't eliminate the chance of a citation; so immediate retesting is recommended.

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