Video: Fast Tattoo Removal Methods

Edward Dickerson M.D. Discusses Fast Tattoo RemovalEver get your partners name tattooed on your body? Now, it just reminds you of a failed relationship. On the other hand, that cougar on your back you got when you were inebriated in college during spring break, you just can’t stand it!

At a point in time, tattoos were the pursuit of bikers, men in the military and longshoremen or dockworkers. A few years back we could have narrowed down neck tattoos to prison inmates, gangsters, and rappers. Nowadays, 40% of adults, between the ages of 26-40, have at least one tattoo. In addition, 33% of these adults regret getting their tattoo.

Dr. Edward Dickerson, a board certified surgeon and owner of Cape Fear Aesthetics and Fayetteville Plastic Surgery in North Carolina, shares an overview of removing tattoos as well as his perspective on the best method for tattoo removal, pain management, side effects, and recovery.

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