George Clooney Inspired "Tighten the Tackle"

George ClooneyA new procedure, "Tighten the Tackle" is apparently sweeping the spas of Hollywood, after George Clooney jokingly told Esquire magazine that the only surgical procedure he has undergone is something called “ball ironing”.

According to the Beauty Park Spa in Santa Monica, the technical term “Male Laser Lift” is a non-surgical male-grooming procedure that “evens out skin tone, removes discoloration from ingrown hairs, removes skin tags, and provides overall tightening to the external skin. You know where…” This procedure costs between $545- $900 and only lasts up to four weeks.

This hot new trend for old dudes with an excessive amount of time and money has actually increased. “Nurse Jaime”, the owner of Beauty Park Spa, one of the many Santa Monica spas in California, says that her male clientele has increased 40%– and includes A-list celebrities as well as “handymen, bankers and CEOs”.

What a great idea for your hubby on Father’s Day‼ “Hi, honey. I made an appointment at our local spa. Thought you would like a scrotum rejuvenation, besides, the wrinkles are getting in the way.”

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