Did Hillary Clinton have Cosmetic Surgery?

Hillary Clinton and Google+ Posted in the UK's Daily Mail, Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, receives a standing ovation after taking the podium and giving an entertaining hilarious speech at New York’s Lincoln Center for the CFDA Fashion Awards 2013, presenting Oscar de la Renta with the prestigious Founder's Award.

Vincent P. Marin, MD, FACS, at Marin Aesthetics notices that she may have had some cosmetic work done as he posted the story on Google+ commenting, “Looks like Hillary has had a little surgical "work" done since the conclusion of her stint as the Secretary of State.”

Hillary Clinton would be 66 yrs old this year and she looks good for her age. Do you think she may have had ‘work’ done? If so, what kind of ‘work’ do you think she may have had done?

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