8 Ways To Find The Right Plastic Surgeon

8 Ways To Find The Right Plastic Surgeon | LocateADoc.comThe most important choice someone will make on the journey to enhance their body is choosing a surgeon and surgical practice. The right surgeon ensures that the relationship works towards achieving your aesthetic goals as well as protecting your health and well-being throughout the process. Here are seven tips to help you find the right doctor for you.

1.) Look for the ASPS Logo

Board certification for plastic surgeons means they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), and have obtained more experience and training than non-certified surgeons. Once a surgeon receives his or her medical degree and license to practice, they spend another three to five years focusing their education on plastic surgery procedures and treatments. After their extended residency, the American Board of Plastic Surgery examines their practice and approves them for certification. They will also be periodically evaluated by the board on their competence as a surgeon throughout their career.

Bonus Tip: Ensure the doctor’s certification is specific to plastic surgery, and not some other specialty. Choose a surgeon who specializes specifically in the procedure you want to have.

2.) Check Additional Memberships and Accreditations

Find a plastic surgeon who has memberships to state and national societies. In addition to board certification, professional affiliations with societies such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are further evidence of the level of engagement a surgeon has with his or her field. If a surgeon is a member, he or she has gone through an additional rigorous examination given by peers.

3.) Read Doctor Reviews from Other Patients

Online consumer reports can provide you with an unbiased view. Everything from health and safety to bedside manner is important when you are trying to find a plastic surgeon. Patient rating websites where past patients can post pictures or testimonials about working with a surgeon or practice can be invaluable. While testimonials hosted on practice websites can provide an idea of what it would be like to work with them, third-party websites can provide a more unbiased view.

4.) Check to see if the Facility is Accredited

It is just important to find a doctor who operates at an accredited facility as it is to find a plastic surgeon who is board certified. Accreditation ensures that your treatment occurs in a safe environment and that the surgeon has all of the things he or she needs at his disposal to carry out a safe procedure. Accredited facilities have been inspected by an organization with strict standards. Those that have not been inspected may not be well equipped to handle emergencies.

5.) View Before and After Photos

Evaluate examples of the surgeon’s work by viewing before and after photos online. Aesthetic expectations are really important when you’re considering plastic surgery. Your surgeon should work with you to ensure you begin your journey with realistic expectations, but they should also help you achieve the best possible results. Pictures help you envision your goals and start an important dialogue with a surgeon so that a well-designed surgical plan can be laid out.

Bonus Tip: Inquire about 3-D imaging options! Some surgeons offer this technology in a consultation to help you envision what your results may look like post-op.

6.) Make Sure That the Practice is Associated with a Local Hospital

The practice should also be affiliated with a local hospital. Should anything happen that would cause a patient to require emergency medical care, there is an existing relationship established between the plastic surgery practice and a hospital. This is important in any surgery as there are potential risks associated with any elective surgery.

7.) Find a Plastic Surgeon who Teaches

For many surgeons, teaching is a way to build the careers of young, aspiring practitioners. Surgeons who teach are usually passionate about their practice. They are also in a unique situation where they are also learning about immediate changes in the plastic surgery field.

8.) Ask About Financing Options

Many doctors offer financing for cosmetic surgery, which allow a patient to pay for their desired procedure on a monthly basis. Some doctors also offer in-house financing options for patients who may not otherwise be able to afford their desired surgery. During your consultation, ask if the doctor has accepts any patient financing.

Achieving your desired cosmetic surgery results requires the eye of an artist but the precision of skilled and experienced surgeon. Make a wise decision in choosing your plastic surgeon by doing your research. Most surgeons offer complimentary consultations and your honesty is important during this time to ensure you and your surgeon establish proper expectations. Browse local doctors, read real patient ratings and contact a doctor today right here on LocateADoc.com!

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