Mommy Makeovers in High Demand for Cosmetic Surgery in California

Women already head to plastic and cosmetic surgery centers in California for innovative procedures, and body lifts, breast implants and liposuction have become a popular choice for those who want to improve their bodies after pregnancy.

Dr. Stewart Wang, one of several cosmetic surgeons in Rosemead, California recently reported a sharp increase in demand for the Mommy Makeover at his practice. Thousands of women are turning to fat removal and cellulite reduction, breast lifts and other body contouring procedures to regain their pre-pregnancy shape, or to simply undergo a complete body transformation to achieve their 'ideal' body. These procedures are typically offered as a package, and may help women increase their self-esteem after the drastic body changes associated with pregnancy.

Dr. Wang explains that "If you've had a baby, and despite taking care of yourself those loose muscles and that little roll of fat on your tummy just won't go away, plastic surgery makes a lot of sense to you. It's about restoring the appearance you previously enjoyed, or maybe even looking better than you ever have." (Source:

Those who do not want to undergo surgery can improve their bodies with non-surgical treatments that get rid of cellulite and tighten and tone the skin. Thermage is another increasingly popular procedure that helps tighten loose skin and improves collagen production. Cellulite treatments such as VelaSmooth can also reduce inches and create a slimmer appearance.

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