Mommy Makeover - Facts and Figures

From the moment you become pregnant and long after your precious bundle of joy arrives, you will go through overwhelming body changes that will have a long lasting effect, which numerous women struggle with despite a rigorous diet and exercise regime.

For many of these woman, the solution is a Mommy Makeover! has put together a fantastic infographic describing what a Mommy Makeover is, how much would a Mommy Makeover cost and a few fun facts too! Click the image below to find out more.














With constant innovations to procedures, prosthetics, and instruments, cosmetic surgery is becoming more attainable than ever. In fact, 7 out of 10 cosmetic surgery patients make less than $60,000 a year.

Standalone Procedure Costs (2012)*

Depending on the procedures selected, combining surgeries can reduce cost by several thousand dollars. When combining two surgeries in a mommy makeover, patients are only charged one operating room fee and anesthesia fee instead of two!

Have you had a mommy makeover? If so, we would love to hear about it! If you have not, what Mommy Makeover procedures would you have done?

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