Demand for Toe Surgery Procedures on the Rise

Women, who want feet that are more beautiful, are flocking to plastic surgery centers around the country to undergo a toe reshaping procedure. Women with very wide toes are “suffering” from a condition that has been coined, ‘toe-besity’. New York-based podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong recently interviews with “Good Morning America” about this emerging trend, and shares some insights about this elective surgery.

According to Dr. Zong, in his world of podiatry, women were initially coming to his practice for toe shortenings. Now, he’s finding that people are becoming more concerned about small details like the width of their toes. A strange or odd-looking toe seems to be embarrassing enough for some people that they would be willing to go under the knife to have it corrected.

For some patients, it is less about aesthetics and more about comfort. If one toe is excessively large, it can be difficult to find well-fitting shoes and the bone can push against the inside of the shoe, causing discomfort. Toe surgery can remove some bone and fat to create a more natural look.

While Zong is happy to help patients with this elective surgery, other podiatrists do not believe in cosmetic foot surgery at all. Dr. Hillary Brenner, a podiatric surgeon in New York, shares her thoughts about this trend with “Good Morning America”, stating that, “You’re undergoing risks – there’s the risk of anesthesia, infection, deformity of the toe if the surgery is not done right, a risk of reoccurrence and the risk of surgery in general…it’s trauma to the foot.”

Do you think toe-reshaping surgery is appropriate or unethical? Share your thoughts below.


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