More Moms - Not Celebrities - Going Under the Knife

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports Americans spend nearly $10 billion on cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments every year. However, it’s not the elite of Hollywood that are spending big bucks to achieve their ideal figures or youthful look. Doctors say that most of plastic surgery patients are actually middle-class moms who want to take years of their appearance.

The ‘Mommy Makeover’ is always in demand because it helps moms get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Surgeons can remove excess belly fat with liposuction, lift up the breasts, add implants, and perform a full or partial tummy tuck so that the mom can have her flat stomach back. After multiple pregnancies, many women have sagging stomachs and unsightly stretch marks. Some also experience extreme drooping and sagging of the breasts, which can only be corrected with a breast lift and breast augmentation procedure. Mommy makeover packages typically include multiple procedures to target these key problem areas.

Dr. Jeffrey Diteshiem of Ditesheim Plastic Surgery in Charlotte tells WBTV, “Look, let’s be honest. Women don’t want to look like pretty moms; they want to look like pretty women.” He claims that many women undergo the mommy makeover at his practice so that they can actually have a fat transfer procedure – excess fat can be re-injected into the hips to create the coveted hourglass figure. The complete mommy makeover package costs an average of $15,000 and consists of a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, and a breast lift. Some women may also undergo a skin tightening procedure or cellulite treatments after the healing process from surgery is complete.

Would you get a mommy makeover after undergoing multiple pregnancies?  Share your thoughts below.

Infographic: Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and Figures

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