The Fresh New Face of 2013! The Latest Infographic by LocateADoc

You now have one more reason to smile! has just released “The Fresh Face of 2013” an infographic of non-surgical options for a brand new you!

In this infographic you will find out that acne doesn’t disappear with high school graduation as well as ways to prevent or slow down the aging process with skin care facts.

Just click this informative infographic below to find out how to reverse the damaging effects of aging!















Non-surgical facial procedures are ever-increasing in popularity and 3 out of 4 physicians said they treat patients who seek facial procedures to stay competitive in the workplace.

Reverse damaging effects of aging with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

BOTOX® - $365

Wrinkles smooth over and frown lines relax with the help of these noninvasive injections.


This treatment uses a specific combination of advanced chemicals to slough off the rough, dull top layer of skin, leaving your complexion glowing and baby-smooth.


Sometimes called "liquid facelifts," these injections add volume to your face and fill in sagging areas.


The second layer of skin is stimulated with lasers to produce more collagen fibers, smoothing and tightening your cheeks.


This light treatment eliminates dead skin cells from the epidermis, allowing your skin's inner beauty to shine through.

Why go minimally invasive?

  • Boost your confidence with cost-effective options
  • Quick and relatively painless procedures that could be completed over a lunch break
  • Short recovery time, with side effects subsiding within two days
  • Instant results

Would you go minimally invasive and why? If you have, we would love to know how your experience went?

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