LocateADoc.com's Top 10 Blog Posts for the Year 2012

With only 14 days left before we say goodbye to 2012, we thought it only timely to look back at this year's celebrity cosmetic surgery news to find out which story created the most buzz.  It's kind of like our way of seeing who's in and who's out.

Although Brooke Burke didn't make the top of our list, Heidi Montag's plastic surgery sure did.  And, why was Rob Kardashian on our list?

Who else was destined to make the list of most popular? We present you the Top 10 Blog Posts from 2012 via LocateADoc.com...

#1  Heidi Montag Opens Up about Her Plastic Surgery Makeover 

Heidi Montag is no stranger to plastic surgery, having undergone 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day back in 2010.

#2  Khloe Kardashian Rumored to Have Had Lip Plumping Treatment 

Khloe Kardashian made headlines recently after the paparazzi caught her with the infamous “trout pout” – the result of too many injectable fillers in the lips.

#3  The Real Life Human Ken Doll 

In his reluctant end for a perfect look, 32-year-old Justin Jedlica, from New York City, so far, according to reports, has spent more than $100,000 on stomach, chest, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and face surgeries in 10 years.

#4  Rumors Suggest Tom Cruise Has Had Plastic Surgery 

49-year-old actor Tom Cruise is reportedly looking especially fresh-faced and even more youthful and some reports suggest that he recently met with Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy.

#5  Kris Jenner Reminds Women with Breast Implants to “Check Your Expiration Date” 

In one of September's episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, millions of viewers watched Kris Jenner wheeled into the surgery room for her breast implant revision surgery. Jenner then appeared on the “Today” show expressing.…

#6  Report: Patricia Heaton Admits She Had Mommy Makeover 

Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond recently revealed she felt a bit insecure after having her four boys, so she went to a plastic surgery doctor for help.

#7  Most Requested Celebrity Faces in Plastic Surgery 

It’s no secret that many celebrities go under the knife to achieve the Hollywood ideal look, but plastic surgery doctors around the country are happy to treat patients who want to look like their favorite celebrity.

#8  Halloween Horror-Scary Celebrity Plastic Surgery Pictures 

Halloween is almost here! And, on behalf of this day, I thought I would put together some celebrities that look scary after their plastic surgery.

#9  Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby - Unaware She Had Plastic Surgery 

OK say you are a guy and you meet, what you believe to be, this beautiful woman. You fall completely head over heels in love with her, as she is so gorgeous. Little do you know…

#10  Kim Kardashian's Thinning Hair Treatment: Teasing 

Kim Kardashian's teasing comments about her brother's thinning hair in a recent episode of their reality show pushed Rob Kardashian into exploring Hair Restoration.

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